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Premier League tickets – will prices ever stop rising?

The price of watching football in the UK has been the topic of much discussion in the press recently, with many questioning why fans are being forced to spend so much money to watch their teams play. It has been clear for…

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Should Economics be more mathematical?

This old argument of Qualitative Economics versus Quantitative Economics has always been controversial (we are talking about Microeconomics specifically). While Mathematics is still an indispensable measurement for economists in the Western world, the Chinese favours a more qualitative approach. Given the current…

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Pick your leader, Protect your system

Economists often assume government as a third-party agent, and is responsible for maintaining an efficient market under fair regulation. This neglects the fact that politicians are indeed not interested in achieving the possible best market outcome, but desperately trying to find ways…

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Asia’s problems and the West’s opportunities

Displays of upheaval and state breakdown in global politics are not particularly rare, but the number of missed opportunities for dealing with these issues has been shamefully high in recent months. It’s easy to say that no one is to blame; after…

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Chancellor Osborne, a Rise In GDP Per Capita Is a ‘Major Milestone’ Not an Increase In GDP

The Chancellor has heralded the latest GDP figures as a ‘major milestone’ in his long-term plan for the economy. Figures released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) illustrate that the economy grew by 0.8% in the second quarter of the year…

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Who Would Win in a Fight Between the EU and Russia?


This question that had until recently seemed like the property of war gamers, warmongers and the occasional historical reenactor, has now become part of the daily discourse surrounding the Ukrainian crisis. It is also impossible to address this debate without mentioning the…

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Licensing and Rent Dissipation

Rent Dissipation.

Referring to my last article (Gondola Licence and transaction costs), I have discussed the relationship between licensing, information cost and price discrimination. My friend kindly pointed out that I have missed out one important constraint – Rent dissipation. In this article, I…

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